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What Types of Services Does an Arborist Provide?

Not only are trees beneficial to the environment, but they're also a beautiful addition to your landscaping. According to HGTV, your property's value can increase by as much as 14% with the presence of a mature tree. For the trees that you have, making sure they are well-kept can help them live longer and look better for years to come.

In order to make sure your property looks its best, hiring an arborist to care for your trees can be a great service to invest in. Here are a few of the services a trained arborist can provide for you.

Disease Treatment

Like most living things, trees are susceptible to illness and disease. Unfortunately, some diseases for trees are more common than others, and they can spread. If you suspect that one or more of your trees have started to show signs of disease, hiring an arborist can mitigate the damage and spread. Furthermore, a certified arborist can perform treatments to prevent disease for the trees on your property.

Pruning and Trimming

Trees continue to grow throughout their lifetime. Sometimes, this growth can be dangerous. If your trees are growing into powerlines, or are starting to arch too far over your roof, an arborist can help. Some tree species also benefit from pruning in order to improve their growth. A professionally certified team can assess the trees on your property to give you the best-looking results.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, some trees cannot be saved. In the event that you have a tree that's succumbed to illness or has been severely damaged from a storm, you'll need to call in an expert. Arborists can safely and efficiently remove any trees from your property, and can offer suggestions on how to move forward after the loss.

With the diversity of trees, it can be difficult to know which ones you have on your property and how to care for them effectively. If you want to learn more about caring for your trees and keeping them healthy, an arborist is the best resource available to you. If you're in the Pleasant Hill, IA area and want to learn more about the trees on your property, call us today!

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